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A Client's Diary: Session 5



After a two week gap this time. I hadn't noticed extra time gap but was feeling distinctly low in energy and tired on Tuesday morning I came for acupuncture. The previous night I was woken by menopausal symptoms of night sweats and cramps which made me feel as though I was going to have a period. However that did not arrive.

I enjoyed the acupuncture. As I lay with the needles in I could feel that mouth corner muscles were lifting up (into smile position). It is amazing that if your mouth is smiling, the happier you feel within yourself. There must be some amazing link with the pleasure centres in the brain or something. So went out feeling happier with the world and relaxed before rushing off to look round a hotel for our team building sessions.

Felt very good that evening and the rest of the week. I regained my energy levels and had a good sense of well-being despite busy weekend and having to wave off Steve to New York.
Went to racing on Saturday and skin felt very good and glowy. Made me feel more confident in a situation where I have to talk cold to lots of people where I know virtually no one.

For the last week, skin has felt good and energy levels remain high which is very nice. Really the symptoms of biggish breasts like 18 months ago before I started seriously going through menopause are the biggest change to me. It is as if the oestrogen production has resumed and has put me back in time. Interestingly I had just gradually lost half a stone in weight over the last 12-18 months which this month has gradually slipped on again. This does not really worry me as long as it stops here. I really can not think of any other explanation, unless I am pregnant…….. God forbid!!!!

A birthday treat from the family was a day at Champney's Health Farm. I had a facial and massage and the masseuse, said the skin on my face was very good and soft (she promised she did not say this to all her clients). I told her about the facial rejuvenation acupuncture and was impressed with the idea and thought she would much rather go for that than have botox with all the possible side effects.


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