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A Client's Diary: Session 4



Felt nice after treatment. The sessions no longer make me feel sleepy or eyes half closed. In fact I was starving hungry and super energetic last evening.

Period seems to have all but disappeared.

Facial features all feel lifted, all contours feel like they gravitate upwards which is very nice for mood. Makes you feel you are smiling all the time and at peace with the world.

I think you are right, the shadows under the eyes are better. Eyes don't seem to look so deep in their sockets with a more even feel to the contours.

Cheekbones feel nice, skin generally smooth and firm.
I used to take gingko/ginseng as a pick me up if I felt low or had a bad memory loss/slow brain function, but interestingly have felt so good for the last few weeks that I haven't even thought of taking it.


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