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A Client's Diary: Session 3



Now I know what to expect it is getting less scary. I think I am quite enjoying it and looking forward to the result.

My face felt very nice yesterday evening, a nice glow around the cheekbones which is energising. The eyes did not feel as small as they did on the previous occasions.

On Wednesday the neck area continues to feel quite taught and therefore gives confidence that it is not so wrinkly or saggy when you turn your head and look down.

Cheekbone area feels lovely, quite radiant and glowy still. I feel smiley (even though on the train I had to stand up this morning) which must be the muscles you were talking about.
The after effects are definitely less intense each time I have it done. More subtle I think. I still think the lines at the corners of the eyes and down the sides of the cheek bones are less deep and more smoothed out than they were before, hope this lasts.

Generally nice feeling of confidence in my face and appearance. I feel I present myself as feeling younger. The psychology is definitely working.

Hey and guess what, walking down Upper Street at lunchtime a man in his thirties whispered under his breath, a flattering four letter word to a girl who I thought was behind me, so what do you make of that???

One more thing for the diary, went to a drinks party on Sunday and saw a lot of people I see only every month or so and two men complemented me on the way I looked. One guy said I actually looked younger and the other said something about my femininity being unnerving. So you seem to be making an impression.

Also a female friend pointed out that I had a bruise about the size of a 5p piece under the right cheekbone. It is in the shadow of the cheekbone so looking in the mirror straight on I hadn't seen it. Today it is fading a bit to browny-yellowish but still there.

Also I think the acupuncture must have kick started my menstrual cycle again. I will tell you the gory details when I see you next, but I think something weird has happened the my hormones which had gone quiet in the second half of last year.

General well-being and energy good.


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