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A Client's Diary: Session 2



Thanks for the session. My second time now feels less intense on my face but still very enervating. I feel very aware of my face in a fresh radiant way. I do feel an increased sense of well-being and happy with the world. The sunshine and countryside was wonderful driving home.

One thing I noticed is that my eyes do feel quite sleepy, ie; not so wide awake as normal on the same day that you treated me. However by the next morning felt awake and back to normal. Just makes me feel that I would not have it done on the day when I wanted to look super glamorous in the evening.

Think I looked a bit spaced out, narrowed eyed. Maybe this is because the cheekbone and areas around the eyes are so stimulated, then it makes the eyes seem a bit overwhelmed. What do you think?

Wednesday/Thursday: Cheeks feel nice and firm, and lines around the eyes look nice and smoothed out. Neck feels firm and less crinkly than usual. Good sense of energy and well-being this week.

I did arrive with you, with a slight backache. I think I was a bit tense driving as I was late and had not moved the driving seat forward after long legged family push it back, so in an awkward position. However this had disappeared by the time I got home. Good energy.


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