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A Client's Diary: Session 1



On my way home I continued to feel a lovely tingly glow. A bit like after a walk or run outside on a winter's day and coming in doors to the warm, open fire, feeling warm and stimulated.

I was also going to say "a glow" like after sex. A bit like how your face would feel after some exhilarating aerobic exercise, warmed up but full and firm. Also because of the lifting effect, made me feel more smiley than usual. A good way of promoting happiness.

Seriously though, my neck felt firm and tight last night and still does when I cleansed my skin, which is lovely. I did notice last night one tiny dark red/purple thread vein where the needle giving me the most intense sensation was. Otherwise nothing visible.

The eye lines did seem smoothed out and have remained so today. Plumped out and full, firm without feeling taught this morning. On my way to work felt positively glowing and radiant, and thought it probably made me hold myself more confidently. A 15 year old held the ticket office door open for me. This was a first, and more men than usual seemed to be telling me to go first on the train. Can't be bad.

Also may be biased, but shadows under the eyes didn't seem so intense and I found myself using less eye makeup, because my eyes felt bright.

This afternoon I did feel the skin under one eye started to feel a bit tight/taut/dry. The one I told you was slightly worse. I wondered if we had possibly over ironed it or maybe a bit too hot? Difficult to compare appearances because some mirrors, depending on the light in the room, always make you recoil thinking you look like an old hag. So rushed home, checked mirror and dabbed some light eye cream around the contour. Really pleasing. Still looks good now. Feels better with the light moisturiser softening it.

Chris at work, about my age thought I looked good and was interested in the program.

So far really good. A great tonic, and it feels nicer than a beauty facial.

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