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There are many studies from around the world, primarily from China, that demonstrate acupuncture can affect different aspects of the immune system.


A meta analysis by Lu etal 2007 reported a significant effect of acupuncture in comparison to usual care, but pointed out there were some deficiencies in the quality and reliability of the reports.


Researches from the United States cancer institute have published data from their own small pilot trial (Lu etal 2009) which confirms the Chinese results.


Some Doctors are concerned that giving acupuncture to neutropenic patients increases the risk of infection. However research from Birmingham, United Kingdom, where acupuncture was given to patients receiving chemotherapy, where over 90 treatments of acupuncture were given, patients confirmed only major bruising in 3 cases and slight spotting of blood from another. No patients had an infection as a result of the acupuncture. (The Management of Cancer Related fatigue after chemotherapy with acupuncture and acupressure. A Randomised controlled trial. A.Molassiots, P Sylth, H Diggens. University School of Nursing. 2007. Complementary Therapies in medicine 2007. 15 228-237).


Download a research review: chemo_leukopenia, neutropenia_MB review_Oct09.doc


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