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The York Group (Macpherson etal.) ran a study for thirteen years in total of a large random controlled trial (RCT) of patients suffering with non-specific low back pain. One group receiving acupuncture for back pain and the other usual care.


As a result of this study the National institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) recommended that patients with non specific back pain (meaning there is no clear underlying disease mechanism) should receive acupuncture or a manual therapy as the first step in relieving the pain symptoms.


In order to get funding for this your GP must make an application to the local Primary Care Trust for funding. The PCT will either grant the funds or refuse the request. My experience is that this is not a successful route and most patients will need to privately fund their treatment with an acupuncturist of osteopath.


For specific research details go to www.acupunctureresearch.org.uk
and the click on ARRC articles and then to back pain.


David Kelsey offers Acupuncture for back pain in Cambridge and in Haverhill, Suffolk.


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